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    bedding & odor remover

ODOLIT, which is used in food or non-food animal production and maintenance, is intended to eliminate the ammonia odor that occurs in areas such as barn, stud farm, poultry, cage, etc., which are production and maintenance areas.


• In such places, it is necessary to create a more comfortable environment for animals, employees and the environment. Odolit works for this spacious environment by absorbing ammonia gas.



• It holds 95 - 120% water by weight.

• 1 gram of ODOLIT can hold 20 mg of ammonium ions.

• It does not deteriorate, melt or become muddy with water.

• It is not affected by acidic environment (pH).

• It has heat absorption feature.

• It does not contain any harmful substances and is completely natural.

All natural methods are used in its production.

• It irreversibly binds harmful microorganisms and toxins in the stool.

• It reduces fly formation indirectly.

• Keeps litter dry at all times


In Poultry Houses :

According to the climatic conditions of the poultry house, 3-12 kg / m2 ODOLIT is replaced with traditional litter material (straw, sawdust or rice husk).

After the coop is prepared, first ODOLIT is laid on the ground, then the other litter material is laid on it. 

In The Barns & Stables :

ODOLIT is used under all underlay materials by laying on the floor.

Complete cleaning:

Complete cleaning After the barn interior is completely cleaned, ODOLIT is spread on the floor of the barn, 3 - 12 kg per m2. Straw type litter material, which is always used, is applied on it. Daily maintenance continues.

Since ODOLIT laid in the above amount will reach saturation in terms of ammonia within 45 days, complete cleaning should be done at the end of this period.

Daily Care:

In the places where daily cleaning is done, the dirt is removed by cleaning. ODOLIT is cleaned and replaced by ODOLIT in the same amount.



Especially during the transportation of horses and other animals, the base of the trailer is covered with ODOLITE approximately 3 mm. The litter material is laid on it. When necessary, the wet areas are dried by sprinkling ODOLIT again.

stone clino.jpg


By mixing the litter and feces formed on the floor, organic farm manure used in organic agriculture is made and recycled from the waste material and a value-added and quality fertilizer is obtained.


 0,4-1mm - 0,6-1 mm - 1-2 mm - 2-5 mm 



 25 kg pp and kraft bag - 1 ton Big Bag - Bulk


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